Illinois Concealed Carry
Taught By Our Experts
So what makes one concealed carry course better than another?
     Chief Tom Scully  
Lead Instructor
Chief of Police - Orland Hills IL
"You will not find a better course, taught in a finer facility anywhere. Here at Fidei Tactical Training, we use proven training methods combined with the latest technology to give you every possible advantage." 
"I took the ladies only class with a group of girlfriends and it was a great experience ..."
Clarissa H.
"Our instructor was the best and took time to make sure we were all comfortable ..."
Randy T.
"Doesn't get any better. Excellent in every way. I especially enjoyed the simulator ..."
John S.
Here's some more of the details ...
Our classes are all inclusive. That means unlike our competitors, there are no hidden fees of any kind. We include everything you need, at no additional charge. Here's the list:

16 hour class including class materials

Range time on our private onsite range

Expert Instruction in the classroom and on the range

100 rounds of ammunition

Use of one of our rental firearms (if needed)

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